About Ukulele Tutorial

About Ukulele Tutorial

Welcome to Ukulele Tutorial . Com

James Hill ukulele, Jazz ukulele workshop

John Tribe, site editor, left with James Hill, ukulele virtuoso at a recent workshop

When I was 14 I was  eager to learn the guitar but my only option at school was the clarinet because the guitar teacher had overbooked  a hundredfold. I was eventually offered a guitar which my father had bought in Italy in 1958.  It was warped and unplayable so with 30/- (1.50) in hand I bought a ukulele and  an ‘A Tune A Day’ ukulele tutorial guide from a secondhand shop.  It had wooden pegs, fishing line strings and was impossible to tune.  In frustration I moved to the harmonica, a decision which I have never regretted.

In 2008 I noticed more and more ukuleles appearing in music shops and then I saw Joe Brown playing ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’ on Youtube.  As a fingerpicking guitarist I really fancied giving a £30 Tanglewood  ukulele a bash and within a month I had learned how to play it after a fashion.  Pretty soon I was hooked and once I noticed how much ukulele material there was on the Internet I spent ages searching for tutorials – I soon realised how versatile this little instrument was.

The only catch with all the information readily available is quality is pretty variable and so I thought it would be interesting to have a website where I can share my own favourite ukulele tutorials and include contributions from the many ukulele buddies I have met via the internet: the ukulele world is amazingly accessible and comprises some very accomplished musicians who are only too happy to help you with your ukulele playing.

Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions – they’ll help make this a worthwhile site to visit whether you’re a novice just starting with your first chords and strums or a jazz aficionado looking for some extra chords with lots of numbers!


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