Exercises for Improving the Left Hand Technique on the Ukulele

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The following exercises are to help you become more familiar with moveable chords and extend your dexterity down the neck of the fret board. Exercise 1 Finger an A chord without using your Index Finger. Now as you slide up the neck one fret at a time add the index[…]

  1. David Brindley: Really appreciate you taking the time to post this excellent and comprehensive tutorial. Phil Doleman's video on playing and pain…

    • Guv: Glad it helped David

  2. Claire Margetts: Changing my left hand position has enabled me to play the dreaded E chord at long last!

  3. Ivor Rathie: Hi. Just started the uku and your video on left hand improvement was great. I have a problem with my…

Peter Moss Ukulele Intros

Ukulele Song Intros by Peter Moss

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Often when I visit ukulele groups both home and away, there is a tendency in groups of 20 or more, that a few participants will start straight into the song with no introduction and the rest catch up by the end of the first line. Whilst playing in a group[…]

  1. John: I have just joined a ukulele group after playing guitar for many years; I recognise exactly what you are saying…

Charlotte’s Rag a Ukulele Tutorial for Using Alternate Chord Shapes in C

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Following on from my tutorial on finger stretching. I wrote this Ragtime piece to help me with using different chord positions in the key of ‘C‘. The video first shows the piece played at a relaxed speed followed by slow motion without altering the pitch for practice. I have also[…]

  1. Terry: Nice one John, perhaps we can try this one out at the Ukulele Festival of GB?

  2. Ukulele Song Intros by Peter Moss | Ukulele Tutorial: […] The intro in C can be seen here […]

  3. Kevin: Thank you for this. You have introduced so many ideas and techniques in a simple and entertaining way. Thanks again,…