Steven Sproat Talks Ukulele with John Tribe

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Anyone who aspires to play ukulele in the last decade will certainly have stumbled across or maybe even skimmed through a copy of the ‘Absolute Beginners  Ukulele’ by Steven Sproat along with and usually right next to ‘Big Dummies Guide To The Ukulele’ by Alistair Wood. A short while ago[…]

Interview With Phil Doleman and Ian Emmerson at Tenby Blues Festival 2016

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Phil and Ian offer us insights into how they came to play the style of music for which they are renown in an informal atmosphere at the Fourcroft Hotel in Tenby. They go on to say where they see ukulele is going as an instrument in 2016 and tell us about their favourite songs from artists past and present.

ukulele tutorial interviews Will Grove White

Interview with Will Grove-White of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

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This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Will Grove-White who kindly gave up more than an hour of his time for before getting ready to go on tour to Hong Kong and China. Q We all know you as a ukulele player. Was that your first instrument and[…]

  1. Phil Doleman: Great interview (and Will's book is great too)!