ukulele tutorial interviews Will Grove White

Interview with Will Grove-White of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

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This morning I had the pleasure of interviewing Will Grove-White who kindly gave up more than an hour of his time for http://www.ukuleletutorial.com/ before getting ready to go on tour to Hong Kong and China. Q We all know you as a ukulele player. Was that your first instrument and[…]

  1. Phil Doleman: Great interview (and Will's book is great too)!

Peter Moss Ukulele Intros

Ukulele Song Intros by Peter Moss

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Often when I visit ukulele groups both home and away, there is a tendency in groups of 20 or more, that a few participants will start straight into the song with no introduction and the rest catch up by the end of the first line. Whilst playing in a group[…]

  1. John: I have just joined a ukulele group after playing guitar for many years; I recognise exactly what you are saying…