Ukulele Song Intros by Peter Moss

Peter Moss Ukulele Intros

Ukulele Song Intros by Peter Moss

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Often when I visit ukulele groups both home and away, there is a tendency in groups of 20 or more, that a few participants will start straight into the song with no introduction and the rest catch up by the end of the first line. Whilst playing in a group can be a world of fun, and I certainly don’t want to knock that element, a little more structure and without a lot of effort will not only make the group sound better, but it should also generate a “feel good” factor.

For all reading this whether in a group or soloist, these suggested introductions will certainly polish areas that some ukulele players choose to ignore. Go ahead and give them a try.

Here are some classy ways to begin a song in the keys of F, C and G.

F Intros opens in new tab

Key of F

chords                C6   –  A dim –  Gm 7 –  G# aug

Fret Fingering    5430  –  2323   –  0211   –  1003


C Intros opens in new tab

Key of C

chords               Em 7 –  G dimDm 7G aug

Fret Fingering    0202  –   0101   –  2213   –  0332


G Intros opens in new tab

Key of G

chords               D6  –  G# dim  – C6  – D aug

Fret Fingering    2222  –  1212 –  5430  –  3225


The intro in C can be seen here

Practice these intros with a variety of songs. Next month I will be running through some endings in the keys of F, C, and G


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  1. Posted by John, at Reply

    I have just joined a ukulele group after playing guitar for many years; I recognise exactly what you are saying about starting songs. I would like to bring these videos to the attention of our founder.
    I know his answer is almost certainly to be, “Its just a bit of fun and we don’t want to frighten away the beginners”. But for my own personal satisfaction, I think they are great ideas. Thanks

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